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Karl Gustav I
By the grace of Lenin, King of Laris
Reign December 14 1967-1968
Coronation None, scheduled May 1968.
Full name Karl Gustav Sten Sture of Scania-Arensinus
Titles Arch-Cupbearer of Aquily
Red Comrade
Baptism May 12 1924
Aquilanska Kyrkhuset, Aquily
Born April 9 1924
Royal Castle, Aquily
Successor Anders I of Scania-Arensinus
Consort None.
Issue None.
Royal House House of Eliasson-Wickerfält
Dynasty Scania-Arensinus Dynasty
Royal anthem Knights of Cydonia
Royal motto "To Bake A Cake You Must Read The Recipe!"
Father King Erik I?
Mother Queen Amanda The Wicked

Karl Gustav I of Scania-Arensinus was the second monarch and founder of the Technological Music Study Institute, a native of Aquily, proved adept at baking at the Royal Institute of Technology yet failing his german, creating rumours of a language curse in the Royal Family. He was a good friend with his fathers friend André and spent most time in the castle with him, instead of being with his Highness. When his father stepped down from the throne, Karl automatically became King - being the eldest child. As a little child he suffered emotional truama when one of his fathers beloved trained hunting rabbits accidentally was used by him in cooking. The king was devastated and the distance between them grew. In later years he petitioned to the parliament to remove the ban on hunting rabbits and as such gained the disgust of his father. After spending only one year at the throne, he was found dead in his chambers with the note on the dagger "He was not worthy father, he was a bastard." Erik did not even comment on the occasion and when his second son Anders Johan ascended to the throne he did not even travel to the coronation.