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Karsten Hviis

Karsten Hviis Holmgren

Karsten Hviis Holmgren (born July 13, 1922) is a former Aeroeic President and Prime minister. He led or represented the Aeroeic Socialdemocrats for well over 20 years.

Early political and Personal life[]

Karsten Hviis Holmgren was born on July 13, 1922 in a poor area of Aeroe to Johan Niels Holmgren and Maria Hviis Karstensen. He was brought up by close members of his family. In 1948 he married Katrine Nielsine Hansen (17 August 1922 – 18 October 1997) whom he remained married to until her death in 1997. They had 4 children. Throughout this period, he lived in the working-class area of Bondebyen, Marstal.

He began his political carer early, and in 1950 he became a member of a trade union. He led the Danish Workers Union, SiD, between 1968 and 1969. In 1972 he moved back to Aeroe after 22 years in Copenhagen. He joined the Movement for a free Aeroe and was elected vice-president of the movement. In 1974 he was elected the first prime minister of Aeroe. In 1978 he was elected president of Aeroe, and held office from 1. january 1979 - 31 december 1982. Holmgren is now living in Marstal, 87-years old, and is still active in politics.