Kihā́mmic Institute of Language and Linguistics
Tárakī é taraknótī tûsás kihāmatī́zô
Institute overview
Formed 1966
Headquarters Talná, Kihāmát
Employees 691
Key documents The Kihā́mmic Journal of Linguistics
The Panlaffic Languages

The Kihā́mmic Institute of Language and Linguistics (Kihā́mmic: Lố Tárakī é taraknótī tûsás kihāmatī́zô) is the national institute devoted to the field and promotion of linguistics in Kihāmát. The institute was founded in 1966. It is an inter-university organisation though is purely a research institute. The institute is also the regulator of Kihāmát's official languages.

There are two major journals published by the institute, these are "The Kihā́mmic Journal of Linguistics" and "The Panlaffic Languages". The first concerns all world languages past and present whereas the latter is dedicated solely to the Panlaffic languages.

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