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Killaren East Parliamentary Constituency

In Sainte Genevieve elections, Killaren East is one of the country's sixteen Parliamentary constituencies, and represents the eastern portion of County Killaren, including a small portion of the city of Farset. The constituency was one of the original fourteen created when Sainte Genevieve gained independence in 1949. From 1949 to 1986, Killaren East returned three MPs. This was increased to four beginning with the 1986 General Election, and has remained so ever since.

The precise extent of its boundaries have shifted several times since the constituency's creation in 1949. Originally, Killaren East's borders extended further inland and covered a large portion of territory now part of Killaren South. The towns and villages in Killaren East have typically favoured right-of-centre candidates, and currently three of the eight National Party MPs were elected from the constituency.

Current MPs[]

  • Jeffery Dodge, MP (National)
  • Terry Elam, MP (National)
  • Tamera Ferraro, MP (Social Democrat)
  • Leonard Judge, MP (National)

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