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Killaren West Parliamentary Constituency

In Sainte Genevieve elections, Killaren West is one of the country's sixteen Parliamentary constituencies, and represents the north-western portion of County Killaren, including a portion of the city of Farset. The constituency was one of the original fourteen created when Sainte Genevieve gained independence in 1949. From 1949 to 1970, Killaren South returned four MPs. This was decreased to three beginning with the 1970 General Election, and has remained so ever since.

The precise extent of its boundaries have shifted several times since the constituency's creation in 1949. Originally, Killaren West covered a much smaller geographic area, but over the years has acquired areas formerly part of Killaren East and Killaren South. Killaren West contains a mainly right-of-center electorate, and often returns a mix of Conservative and National MPs.

Current MPs[]

  • Julie Ballard, MP (Conservative)
  • Laurence Haywood, MP (National)
  • Hilda Maxon, MP (Conservative)

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