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Timothy II (Timothy Alexander Henry, born April 27 1980) is the King of Aushovia, and head of the Royal Family of Aushovia. He is currently the youngest living Monarch in the world following the death of his father King David IV in 1996.


King Timothy carries Priness Rachel

Early Years[]

The young prince was born in 1980, just 2 days before his Father's coronation as King. The eldest son of King David and Queen Anne, the prince was part of the generation which renews the popularity of the Monarchy. He attended the prestigious Geelong Grammar School in Australia where he graduated 2 years early at age 15. The following year he returned to Aushovia.

Rise to King[]

Timothy became king after the death of his father, who died in a car crash in 1996. Timothy was just 16 years of age. Many Royal Observers questioned if he was mature enough to serve as King. Despite his age, he relished the opportunity and took and enthusiastic role as Monarch and Head of State. Within 2 weeks of his coronation, he opened his first sitting of Congress. His opening speech, which he had written by himself, told of how his age would mean a fresh direction for the Nation. Following this speech approval polls for the Monarchy soared for 51% to 89%.



controversial picture of the King

The King has been known for his love of, what he calls ‘Having and Awesome Time’. On his 18th Birthday in 1998, he cause controversy when he held an extravagant party at the palace which saw many of it’s guests become highly intoxicated and reportedly cost over one million dollars. Amongst the high level of alcohol being consumed at the party, The King met photography student Aurelia Kane. The two entered a relationship which as part of her studies showing the King, shirtless, celebrating the win of the Aushovian Hockey team. While initially causing some embarrassment for the Royal Family, the photos again boosted the popularity of the King, supposedly through sex appeal.

Marriage and Family[]

The King met Dominika Gilroy-Lowenstein in 2000 at the Olympic Games in Sydney. Aushovian born, she had been working as a journalist in Australia for since 1998.. After a year long courtship, the announced their engagement. The Wedding took place at the Palace of Kirribilli (which later became the couple’s home) on January 15 2002. It was attended by representatives from other countries, and members of the Royal Family and the Aushovian Nobility and elite.

In 2004, the couple announced they were expecting a child who would become the next in line to the thrown. Crown Princess Rachel was born on August 1 2004. A brother, Prince Adam, was born June 12 2006. The Queen gave bith to surprise twins on April 13 2008, with the Royal Houshold announcing the children to be named Prince David and Princess Stephanie.