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Kingdom of Headington-Warke
Capital City Warke
Language English
Population 75,673 (2010 ceusus)
King David IV
Prime Minister Austin Laffety
Legislature Royal Parliament
Seats 16
Last Election 3rd July 2010
National Sport Association Football
National Animal Greater Warkish Woodpecker
National Dish Igta (Grilled Atlantic Trout)
National Flower Purple Sackle (Saccilus)

The Kingdom of Headington-Warke is a small kingdom located on an island approximately 150 miles north of the Azores, in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of around 75,000.


The Kingdom of Headington-Warke was founded by Baron David Warke of Headington (King David I) in 1607. David I was an English baron, who bought a ship and decided to sail into the Atlantic to discover new lands. He eventually found a small island, and he and some of his relatives settled the island. After about a year, he founded the kingdom, naming it after his English manor and his surname.