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Kingdom of Jerusalem
Flag of New Celtia.svg

New Celtia Arms.svg

Flag of Italy Coat of Arms
Motto: Gloriosus Et Liber
Anthem: O Jerusalem
Capital. Jerusalem
Official language English
Official Religion Church of Jerusalem
Government Monarchy
Formation 1080
Currency Italian Lira


  • 1080 - European Crusaders under the command of Phillip of Kinge lands on the Mediterranean shores of Israel
  • 1080 - Phillip of Kinge declares the founding of the Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • 1081 - Phillip of Kinge conquers the city of Jerusalem after his victory at the Battle of Jerusalem
  • 1081 - Formal coronation of Phillip of Kinge as King Phillip of Jerusalem
  • 1081 - Royal Marriage Celebrations (Bride: Queen Langliva of Jerusalem)
  • 1081 - King Phillip divides Israel into 807 manors, establishing each of his 807 crusaders as feudal lords
  • 1081 - Council of Nobles ratifies the Constitution of Jerusalem, which established a set of laws and a caste system
  • 1086 - King Phillip conquers the city of Acre following his victory at the Battle of Acre



Kings (House of Kinge)[]

Prime Ministers[]

Council of Nobles[]

  • Chairman: Prime Minister of Jerusalem
  • Number of Seats: 807
  • Membership: direct male descendants of 807 Crusaders


Administrative Divisions[]

  • 1. Jerusalem (1080)
  • 2. Acre (1086)


Class Hierarchy
1. Order of Aristocracy (European Catholics) - 1% <Descendants of 807 Crusaders>

  • <<Politicians, Clergy, Generals>> Lords of 807 Manors & Members of 807 Council Seats, Priests, Marshals of Royal Army

2. Order of Bourgeoisie (Eastern Orthodox) - 9% <Urban Citizens>

  • <<Businessmen, Professionals>> Merchants, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scholars

3. Order of Peasantry (Muslims & Pagans) - 90% <Rural Townspeople>>

  • <<Farmers with labor duties>> Construction of Infrastructure, Production of Goods, Crafting of Weapons



Jerusalem: Dye Acre: Timber