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The Kingdom of Laris
Konungariket Laris
le Royaume de Laris
Koninkrijk der Larislanden
[[Image:<image>|125px|Flag of Laris]] [[Image:<image>|125px|State Seal of Laris]]
Flag Seal
Motto: Pro Laris in Aqua
Anthem: Den långa resan (the long journey)
Map laris with europe show
Location of The Kingdom of Laris
Capital Aquily
Official language English and Swedish
Recognised regional languages French, Frisian
Ethnic groups Swedes, English, French
Demonym Larisian(s)
 - Monarch
 - Prime Minister
Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
Anders Johan I of Scania-Arensinus
Erik Solstrand
 - Declared
 - Recognized
from Sweden
March 20, 1913
February 11, 1914
 - 2008 estimate
 - 2006 official  .

GDP (nominal)
 - Total
 - Per capita
2008 estimate
$150 217 327 432
$84 775,96
Gini (2006) 17.9
HDI (2005) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.953 (high)
Time Zone
 - Summer (DST)
Internet TLD .lr
Calling code +1 274


The Kingdom of Laris is a constitutional monarchy with King Anders Johan I as the Head of State. According to the constitution implemented in 1913 the monarch has no "real" power - he only serves as a representative of Laris and a leader. The Parliament of Laris is seated in the capital city Aquily at the Parliamentarian House, the parliament holds legislative and judicial power over all of Laris. The Holy Office of the Inquisition is the highest court in the land, with jurisdiction over all Islands, excluding Willy's Island which is ruled according to §3 chapters 4 & 5 of the constitution (judicial power being in the hands of The Aquily Court).

Political Parties[]

  • Larisdemokraterna
  • Socialdemokraterna
  • Frilanzparti
  • Union Socialiste
  • AMÅT


The Kingdom of Laris is very notable for its punitive income tax rates. It exports valuable metals from the Third Isle, namely Platina/Iridium & Aluminium. To the southeast of Willy's Island there's been test-drilling of Oil which could prove to be a great financial boom if successful, Lisle-de-Vert is mostly covered with trees which provide a sprawling wood business. The private sector is led by the Information Technology industry, closely followed by arms manufacturing, fishing and then the aforementioned industries.


There are several holidays only celebrated in Laris, some only in some remote areas.


This day is celebrated on the fifth day of July to commemorate the arrival of Count Johann Bravanten from Friesland and his 30 ships. The Frisian minority of today are mostly descended from Johann and his excursion.


A celebration held on the second Tuesday of March where "Tjockmunkar", a traditional delicacy consisting of a type of sweet bread with whip cream are eaten, brought to King Erik I of Scania-Arensinus by André I of Stockholm and the King loved it, declaring a national day.


A ceremony traditionally held in the Third Isle by the followers of Whtn (pronounced Wuutan). A pole is raised in the ground and there is much dancing around it, imbibing copious amounts of fine spirits and good food.


The Kingdom of Laris consists of six islands, three large ones and three small ones.

  • The Main Islands
    • Laris or the Larisian Main Island
    • Lisle-de-Vert, thought to be corruption of french for The Green Island
    • Gustavsön, discovered and claimed by Swedish explorers 20 years after arriving at Laris.
  • The Diminutive Islands
    • Wisdom's Tower, originally Σοφία τύρσις in Greek.
    • Willy's Isle, now a turist resort.
    • Insula Tercia or The Third Isle.


  • Aquily - Capital City of the Larisian Main Island & Laris.
  • Holmia - Capital City of Lisle-de-Vert.
  • Port d'Aurum - Largest port city in Laris, very active, most of the goods exported are shipped from here.
  • Storlinden - Previously Karlstad, also very large.