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Area 198.1 km²

Klote is the capital of Helsink. It is an unique municipality in Helsink, because it has two municipal councils. It is divided into three zones, that have unique legal properties.

Zones of Klote[]

Outer Klote is the most populated, and also largest zone. It surrounds the two other zones. It is administered by Outer Klote municipal council and the marquess of Klote. It is synonymous with Marquessate of Klote.

Parks of Klote consists fully of recreational area. It is administered by Outer Klote municipal council and the sovereign of Helsink. Nobody lives here.

Royal Klote is administered directly and fully by the sovereign (King Maran IV). No other people than nobility, royalty, prime minister, diplomats and their servants may live there. Commercial activities and automobile traffic are carefully regulated. Industrial activities are forbidden. Most of the zone consists of largely of museums, embassies and ministries. The area of the royal palace and its gardens is over 1 km².


Since the invention of electricity and hydrolysis, hydrogen flames have been burning in the towers surrounding the inner city at its gates. Depending on the gate (there are 13 gates), the glass around the flame can be red, green, yellow, brown, blue, purple or orange. The most powerful flame, that of Espaz Gate, burns at 1 MW on winter nights.