KARRS logo
Koiwai Area Regional Rail System
Type Commuter Rail
Status Operating
Locale Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area
Setsuna Line
Randgriz Line
Airport Javelin
Daily ridership 23,4228 daily
Opened January 24, 1965
Owner Koiwai Department of Transportation
Operator(s) Koiwai Department of Transportation
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification Catenary

KARRS (Koiwai Area Regional Rail System) is a regional rail system comprising two lines in the Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area. KARRS is administered by the Koiwai Department of Transportation (K.), and is operated under contract by Ivalice National Railways. KARRS operates on weekends to alleviate metropolitan trafic. Service is suspended or reduced on select holidays. With some equipment capable of reaching speeds of 130 mph, KARRS is considered the fastest commuter railroad in Ivalice.

Trains are named based on major stations on the routes; these localities are Setsuna, Forriedor, and Randgriz City, Gallia. KARRS also provides local rail service within Koiwai with a reduced fare.

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