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Koiwai Department of Transportation (K.)
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Agency overview
Jurisdiction Ivalician Federal District
Headquarters Koiwai Metropolitan Government Building, 757 Johnson Street NW, Koiwai
Agency executives
  • Sarah C. Forsythe, Transportation Secretary
  • David Fruthers, Transit Administrator
Parent agency Ivalician Federal District Government

The Koiwai Department of Transportation (K.) is a government agency in the Ivalician Federal District. KDOT is overseen by Transportation Secretary Sarah Forsythe, who replaced John Jacobson in 2009 upon the latter's appointment to the National Highway Administration. With her appointment on April 27, 2009, Forsythe became the first woman to serve as the Federal Districts's Transportation Secretary.

The agency is headquartered in the Metropolitan Government Building at 757 Johnson Drive NW, in Koiwai. KDOT operates a comprehensive transit system throughout the Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area. More than 350 local bus lines serve Koiwai's public transportation needs, along with other services that include the RTS Koiwai Subway, LBS Koiwai Rapid Express Busses, and KARRS Commuter Trains. With Koiwai's strict environmental controls and high level of transit subsidies, KDOT is an important part of the regional transit picture.