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Metropolitan Government Building
Koiwai mgb
Location Koiwai
Owner Government of the Ivalician Federal District
Current tenants Government of the Ivalician Federal District
Altitude 7 ft
Started 1982
Completed 1986
Height 937 ft (285 m)
Floor count 75
Floor area 1,476,000 ft2

The Metropolitan Government Building of Koiwai, also known as the Metropolitan Center or City Hall, is the headquarters of the Government of the Ivalician Federal District (IFDG) which comprises the Governor of the Federal District, District Assembly, and Executive Departments of the Federal District. It is located in Koiwai, on the North side of Dalmasca Street, just west of the Koiwai Expressway. It is served by KDOT/Metro Center-Dalmasca of the RTS Koiwai.

Located at 757 Johnson Street, the Metropolitan Government Building is the second tallest building in the City of Koiwai after Corporation Center, and the fifth-tallest building in Ivalice.