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Kumiko Akimoto
Kumiko Akmito OP
Official Portrait of Kumiko Akimoto
8th Chief Executive Officer of the East Asian Federation
Assumed office
February 1, 2005
Deputy Park Chan-Hae
Chief Executive Officer of the Hyasoda Group
Assumed office
Personal details
BornOctober 22, 1964
Political partyHyasoda Group
Spouse(s)Tatsuya Akimoto
Alma materTokyo University (BCom)
Hitotsubashi University (MBA)

Kumiko Akimoto ("秋本 久美子" born 10/22/1964) is the eighth Chief Executive Officer of the East Asian Federation, an office she holds concurrently with Chief Executive Officer of the majority corporation in the Federation, the Hyasoda Group. She became Chief Executive of the Federation in February 2005 following the January 2005 general elections.


Early Life[]

Kumiko Sato was born on October 22, 1964 to two banking executives working for the Mizuho Financial Group, in Kamikawa, Saitama Prefecture in the East Asian Federation. The second child born to her parents, she has an older brother, born 1959, and a younger brother, born 1965. Because of the relative wealth of her parents, she lived an exclusive life, with little chances to interact with other people, outside of school. She graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University in 1986, receiving a Bachelor of Commerce degree. In 1985, while at Tokyo University, she met Tatsuya Akimoto. The two would later marry in 1990. After gradution, she attended Hitotsubashi University, and received a Masters Degree in Business Administration in 1988.

Hyasoda Career[]

Akimoto joined the Hyasoda Group immediately after graduation in 1986, as a mid-level executive for the group's struggling consumer electronics unit at the corporation's secondary headquarters in Hiroshima. A series of successes for the unit, including the introduction of the popular Discover series of televisions, permitted her relatively fast rise along the internal corporate ladder, eventually being elevated to CEO of the Hyasoda Group in February 2002.

In the July 2002 general elections, the Hyasoda Group successfully obtained a plurality of seats on the Federation Board, consequently making Akimoto Chief Executive of the Federation, the second ever female to hold that position.


The hugely successful Asian Free Trade Agreement was signed under Executive Akimoto's Administration leading to her corporation's wide popularity among the populace. The Federation's economy has nearly doubled due to this and other shrewd practices.


  • Gay Marriage: Policy-wise, Neutral
  • Abortion: Pro-choice
  • Death Penalty: No
  • Torture Methods: No
  • Nuclear Weapons: Advocate for disarmament
  • Equal Rights: Always
  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Yes
  • Legal Suicide: No
  • Criminal Rights: Yes
  • Weapon Rights: Highly Regulated
  • Freedom of Speech: Yes
  • Freedom of Press: Yes
  • Freedom of Assembly: Yes
  • Freedom of Religion: Yes
  • Right to Privacy: Always

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