LBS Koiwai logo Local Bus System Koiwai
LBS Koiwai logo LBS Koiwai Express
Parent Koiwai Department of Transportation
Founded 1967
Headquarters Koiwai
Locale Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area
Service area Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area
Service type Local, express, and rapid transit bus service
Operator Koiwai Department of Transportation
Chief executive Antonio Chao

LBS Koiwai is a bus service operated by the Koiwai Department of Transportation (K.). Its fleet consists of 2,882 buses covering an area of 1,500 square miles (3,900 km²) in Koiwai, the Ivalician Federal District, and a few express services to outlying suburbs in Gallia and Forriedor. There are over 900 bus routes serving over 50,000 stops, including almost 20,000 bus shelters and nearly every RTS Koiwai and KARRS station inside of the Ivalician Federal District. In fiscal year 2007, LBS Koiwai provided 626 million trips. On a typical weekday, it provides about 2,926,000 trips.

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