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The Laitar System is a system of several weights, measures, and other things used in Lxungion. Some of the measurements were taken out of commission in 1992, but they may still be used in idiomatic expressions.

Measurements Currently in Use[]


kõu = 71/9 cm (7.9 cm)

djun = 10000 kõu

tajin = 1/18 kõu


thwan = 3/13 kg (0.23 kg)

õx = 100 thwan

jang = 1/18 thwan


square kõu

square djun

square tajin


Laitar degrees (°L)



Notation: (Mxaitja letters are used except when transliterated)

Tong (T) = Middle C

Pẽi (P) = D

Jat (J) = E

Khun (K) = G

Xoi (X) = A

Half step up: /

Half step down: \

One octave lower: è

Two octaves lower: ȅ

One octave higher: é

Two octaves higher: e̋

(octave markers go above note)

Half notes e2

Quarter notes e4

Eighth notes e8

Third notes e3

note break: -

rest: ~

measure break: |


Loud: (music)

Soft: (implied)

"(music" a decrescendo

"music)" a crescendo


Slow: (default)

Brisk:{{music here}}

Mid-tempo: {music here} {music}} may describe a mid tempo speeding up to fast

Example Song (transliterated into the Latin alphabet):


(first few measures of Jintẽrnamoconmo, also known as L'Internationale, unofficial anthem of Lxungion from 1950 to 1980)

Measurements decomissioned in 1992[]


The calendar has five months, named pwong 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each month has 73 days. Of these 70 are a part of seven-day weeks, and the remaining three days are considered auspicious. Depending on the date of the summer solstice, there may be an extra auspicious leap day after the first month. Year 1 began on May 9, 722 AD. The calendar was taken out of operation due to conflicts with the Gregorian calendar.

Time System[]

The day is split into 9 wĩn, each of which has a sound to chime the hour. These are split into 15 nxjan. Each of these is split into 900 fẽn.

Wĩn № Chime