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Latär International Airport (Nesseran: Fereded Internaşenleg Latär) is an important international airport near Sòvärd in northwestern Atavya. It is the busiest airport in Atavya, with 23 million passengers in the 2007-08 financial year. The airport serves an extremely highly populated catchment area, serving the cities of Sòvärd, the capital city Garashul, Tuvärd, Tulep, Lazärd, Şanzärd, as well as numerous other cities in the West Coast Metropolitan Area.

It is the primary airport in the region for international traffic to the west of Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

The airport has a close relationship with Deneţ-Elekkveled Airport on the opposite (eastern) side of the West Coast Metropolitan Area, with frequent express buses, trains and coaches going back and forth carrying passengers between them.


The airport was opened in 1990, after 5 years of construction. It replaced a smaller airfield on it's site that had been in operation since the World Wars. It at first operated short and medium haul flights to Europe and North Africa, with the first longhaul flight to Atlanta in 1993. The airport has seen a steady increase in passenger numbers since opening, reaching a peak of 27 million in 2006, however recent years have seen numbers decrease slightly.

Ground Transportation[]

The Airport is superbly accessible for many forms of transport.

Latär Airport railway station[]

The airport has a railway station underneath the main terminal building. It is the terminus of a short spur off the mainline to Garashul Teletonik, which splits from the mainline at Sòvärd. At present, the station has five terminal platforms, however the Garashul Metro is planned to have a route to this station, adding another three deep-level platforms beneath the mainline ones.

The typical service is:

  • 2 trains per hour to Garashul Ucele (stopping everywhere)
  • 4 trains per hour to Garashul Ucele (stopping only at Sòvärd and Teletonik only.
  • 2 trains per hour to Deneț, calling only at Sòvärd, Teletonik, Naraneq, Elekkveled and Deneţ-Elekkveled Airport.

Latär Airport bus terminal[]

Express buses run to all neighbouring cities:

Route Destination
X300 Garashul city centre
X310 Tulep via Tuvärd city centre
X320 Deneț Bus Terminal
X330 Mossolët via Elekkveled
X400 Deneţ-Elekkveled Airport