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Laukeau Mesne
Area 262.3 km²
Mayor Katmi Mallea

Laukea is a city in Laukema region, Gorimar province, Cuopio. It is situated on the southeastern end of Lake Laukea (Cust Laukea)


Laukea was built as a military base by Itemmasse Empire in 804 AD, but only ten years later a tribe named Emartines conquered the site.

Emartines had the capital of their short-lived empire in Laukea. In the Nestorian Holy War IV (911-915) the kingdom of Bigiste conquered Laukea and demolished the Emartine empire.

The town saw only little action before the Ismer War (1521-34), in which Laukea was burnt.

The next time the ownership of the town changed in 1776, when Gesider and Cardoby partitioned Bigiste; Laukea was given to Gesider. In 1887 Cardoby and newly-born Ardenjost partitioned Gesider; Laukea was given to Cardoby. In War of Laukea (1902-1906) the authoritarian Cuopio got the town. Cuopio has since become democratic, but Laukea is still a part of it.


There are railways going to 4 directions, and the only maglev railway in Savonia goes through the city.

Commuter collective traffic includes eg. fast trams.