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The Lcici-Almonda War was the longest War ever recorded, A peace treaty not being signed until 40 years after the war started.


Lcici and Almonda had viewed each other with growing dislike over the 50 years previous to the War. A small Border Dispute was all that was needed to set off a chain of events that would push the two countries over the Brink...

The War[]

The First Year- Raids and Rallies[]

Lcici had been at war with Xonia for a year and Xonia was on the brink of surrender when Almonda joined the war and occupied a Xonian strip of land close to Lcici. Xonia then surrendered to the Almondans rather than the Lciniks and Lcici were furious, beleiving the land Almonda took rightfully belonged to them, as many of their men had fought and died for it. War was declared and the war started with mere border raids and small offensives that did nothing to change the balance of power. However as the year closed it was clear that the stalemate had to be broken...

The Second Year- Total War[]

Lcici sent a massive army over the Border in the New Year and crushed the Unprepared Almondans, but Almonda soon responded with a huge push of men.