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The Lead Director of Gilana holds a number of roles throughout the government of Gilana. As a member of the Executive Branch, the Lead Director is the head of government for the nation, and is the head of the Imperial Cabinet, thus making the position Prime Ministerial in nature. On the provincial level, the Lead Director is the head of the Council of Provincial Directors, a body overseeing the management of all seven provinces of Gilana. The Lead Director is also a member of the Legislative Branch, acting as both a minister to Parliament and the head of that body, again reinforcing the comparisons to a Prime Minister.

Though the position of Lead Director is part of many governmental bodies, he remains subordinate to the Emperor, who may overrule any decision made by the Lead Director. Thus, the real power of the Lead Director is limited only by the Emperor.

History of the position[]

See also: 2007 Gilanan War, Executive Decree 127

The origins of the Lead Director position stem from the Aides to the President council created by then-President Dymero Invisa during the Gilanan War of 2007. The responsibilities of the Aides was to direct humanitarian efforts to the war ravaged towns of cities, as well as assist provincial governors in order to preserve law and order. The position was created during a time of consolidation of power by the President. Although the Aides program was well received by many commentators, who praised the President for giving attention to the citizens, several groups criticized the new group. Among their chief concerns was that the group reported directly to the President, rather than the Parliament and Prime Minister. They further criticized Hector Ingard, who was appointed as Lead Aide, for allowing such a bypass of not only the legislative branch, but the executive branch that he was charged to run.

The Aides program was set to be dissolved following the cessation of hostilities on January 1, 2008, but was continued under a request by the President, who cited continued poor living conditions. The program was transformed into the Council of Provincial Directors on January 6, and the position of Lead Aide was changed to Lead Director.


The position of Lead Director is largely unchanged from the of Lead Aide, though its purpose has changed. No longer merely responsible for directing humanitarian aide and acting as liaison between the governors and federal government, the Lead Director is first among equals on the Council, to which all governors now report. And while the Lead Aide was officially a position unaffiliated with the Prime Minister's office (it was by incidence that the position was filled by the PM of the time), the former duties of the position are now filled by the Lead Director. Such responsibilities include being the head of Parliament and the head of government, including leading the Imperial Cabinet.