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The full, official title of the Tihsonian head of state is First Secretary of the Central Comittee of the Socialist People's Party of Tihsonia (Danish: Førstesekretær for Centralkomitéen for Tihsonias Socialistiske Folkeparti, German: Erster Sekretär des Zentralkomitees der Sozialistischen Volkspartei Tihsonias), commonly know as the "First Secretary". Traditionally, all power has been more or less concentrated in this postition, although the last few years have seen attempts at democratic reforms.

List of First Secretaries[]

No. Picture Name Assumed office Left office
1 Bruno-eimer Bruno Eimer November 17, 1918 November 9, 1920†
2 Hppetersen H. P. Petersen November 10, 1920 May 27, 1936†
3 Dietrich-stahl Dietrich Stahl May 28, 1936 October 28, 1955†
4 Karl-uwe-meinert Niels Carstensen October 29, 1955 October 14, 1974
5 Niels-carstensen Karl Uwe Meinert October 14, 1974 October 26, 1999
6 Anja-sorensen Anja Sörensen October 26, 1999 Incumbent

† Died in office