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The League of Democratic Socialist States, (Japanese: 民主社会主義連盟 Minshu shakai shugi renmei Westlandic: Ligg af Demmokratik Sosalitik Stätte. Zubrowkan: Ligǎ Demjokratčukih Sosijalističukih Dszǎva, Vietnamese: Dân chủ xã hội chủ nghĩa liên minh của Hoa) is a diplomatic economic organisation that comprises modern Liberal Socialist states, predominantly in Europe. It was co-established by Westland and Zubrowka in 1979 following the Ideology Crisis and the Cold War, of which both countries remained neutral in. The League embodied during this time, a 'Third Way' or a 'Third Ideology' in relation to Liberal Socialism's location between Capitalism and Marxist-Leninism. The League began as a simple mutual assistances pact which was aimed at improving the economies of both of its founders, and their social standards. In 1985, Great Britain joined the League, which quickly transported in into international importance and titled the power balances within the league where it quickly became the most powerful and influential of the countries and was particularly important during the Cold War Era being the main military power of the League. The existence of the League during the Ideology Crisis during the Cold War led to creation of the 'Central Bloc' as it is often referred to which consisted of democratic liberal socialist countries who opposed both sides of the Western and Eastern Blocs. 

In order the join League fully, members must have a functioning Socialist Mixed, or Planned Economy, and be identifiable as a Socialist State, that puts emphasis on Human Rights, Democracy and Civil Liberties. In addition to being a full member, non-socialist states, that are interested, many declare themselves as such, or join as an associate member. 

The League holds an annual conference, alongside meetings scheduled for particular reasons. The last conference, LDSS 2013, was held in Lutz, Zubrowka's capital, in August 2013 which focused primarily on the Eurozone Crisis, aswell as the worldwide recession. 


Membership Requirements


Full Members

State Membership Member Since
UnitedKingdomSocialistFlag People's Republic of Great Britain Full 1985
Flag of Socialist JapanCollectivist Republic of Japan Full 1981
FlagofPenda Wesltandic People's Republic (founder) Full 1979
Flag of VietnamSocialist Republic of Vietnam Observer* 1983
FlagofZubrowka People's Republic of Zubrowka (founder) Full 1979
  • Vietnam has had the intention of becoming a full member of the league, however other members have opposed this due to their lack of free and fair elections and human rights violations. 

Aims and Activities


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