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Lebuvry Lahsamu
Лeбybpы Лaхcaмy
Official Languages Lebufri
Other Languages Cuopioan, Vemeiran
Capital Lebutamu
Government Republic
President Saty Kalahatu
Prime Minister Machu Literf
Area 455,692 km²

The Republic of Lebuvre is a country in Kallayan Valley region.


Lebuvre is bordered by Japile, Yargad, Varanna, Kanlamya, Henbete, Toshname, Vemeira, Cuopio and Ardenjost.

The country is more wide than long, extending over 1200 km in east-west-direction.

The most populated part is west.


The republic has an unicameral parliament and a president. The first is elected every 4 years, and the latter is elected every 5 years.

The suffrage is not equal, however. An immigrant never gets a right to vote, even as a citizen. A natural citizen gets one vote, when getting 17 years old. If one chooses to serve a period in the army, he will subsequently gain an extra vote. If one chooses a military career, serving in the army more than 24 months, he will have a total of 4 votes. If he/she serves in the military for more than 20 years, he will still have 3 votes after retiring.

Foreign relations[]

Lebuvre has good relations with Cuopio, Varanna, Vemeira, Yargad, Toshname and Henbete. Citizens of these, with exception of those of Cuopio and Vemeira, are not required to have visa to visit the country. The citizens of Varanna don't need a passport either.

The relations with Ardenjost are improving. After the War of Lake Koybra (1972) between the countries, they didn't have diplomatic relations until 1992. The border between them was opened the same year.

Lebuvre does not maintain diplomatic relations with Japile since 1999, supporting the cause of Bexhas. Although Japile is now liberated, internal affairs in Lebuvre don't give the government any support for re-establishing relations.

Lebuvre is technically in a state of war with Kamlamya since 1971.


Lebufri people are mainly Yoanzaran Christians, but there are also substantial Catameilist and Faryaste groups.

The official language is Lebufri, which is spoken by 96% of the inhabitants. 2.5% of the people speak Surtasan, a dialect of Vemeiran language, mainly near Gamlemesy.


The most populated metropolitan areas are:

  • Lebutamu, 4,293,000 inhabitants
  • Sarshumesy, 1,929,000 inhabitants
  • Arbumesy, 1,205,000 inhabitants
  • Nahermu, 704,000 inhabitants
  • Bokaru, 695,000 inhabitants
  • Balkahiyu, 602,000 inhabitants
  • Samahnu, 580,000 inhabitants
  • Reynavu, 554,000 inhabitants
  • Gamlemesy, 520,000 ihhabitants
  • Rahbe, 483,000 inhabitants

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