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The Lein Dynasty (Itrani: Kerana ne-i-Lein) was a dynasty of the Trandimir Empire. Ruling over the Tranon for 546 years and over 27 Emperors, the dynasty was the first centralised dynasty of the Empire, representing a crucial break from the feudal tradition of past dynasties that ruled over the Tranon. Discounting the time of the Chaos and Invasions, it is the 7th dynasty to rule over a unified empire of the Tranon.

Notable Achievements[]

The Lein Dynasty had such an effect upon the Tranon that even after its fall the peoples continued to refer to themselves as 'The People of the Lein' (Itrani: Trate ne-i-Lein). Whether it was in terms of science, culture or war, the Lein Dynasty's rule was one of great advances.

Built by means of war, the dynasty was renowned throughout the world for its military prowess. The army was from the outset reformed to become a formidable force, feared by enemies and trusted by its leaders. Under successive emperors, most prominently Emperor Sora, the borders of the 'Tranon Lands' expanded immensely, pushing northeast and northwest, and even setting up a series of kingdoms on distant continents using a huge and advanced navy. For the first time in the history of the Tranon the great tribal confederations of the Sumatar and the Tamu'deni, warlike nomadic horsemen of the northeastern steppes, paid tribute and acknowledged the overlordship of a Tranon dynasty, when in the 35rd year of Sora's reign several hundred tribal leaders headed to the capital of Meiron to hail the emperor as the 'Kakanye Sa``duva', or Supreme Chief.