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The Imperial Constabulary is the name for the main police force of the Lein Dynasty. Mostly responsible for and based within towns and cities, this force is charged with keeping law and order within their area, including such tasks as arrest, protection and guarding of installations, and street control in case of riots.


Before the Lein there was no central agency for law and order within the Empire, and even within separate feudal states such services were often restricted to the capital city of the fief itself. For the Lein fief, however, used to large-scale mobilisations or evacuations of the populace as and when war mandated it, the maintenance of such a force in cities and large towns was crucial to the running of the fief in emergencies, and the model was later used by Lein Durun and extended further by Lein Kasan, his heir and the Second Emperor.


The Constabulary's forces are mostly urban, and most cities and offices therefore have a Chief Constable, whose office is almost always within that of the Chief Magistrate.