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The Imperial Inspectorate or Samika (Itrani: Sabo Mikaraimi ne-i-Taitere, literally 'Office for Inspection of the Empire') is a governmental agency, founded by Lein Loran on the suggestion of his advisor Solu Mitandra; its respnsibility is to investigate wrongdoing and corruption in the civil service. As such it forms an important office within the Personnel Ministry whose aim is to manage the civil service itself.

One of the several agencies within the government with the special right of torture, the agents of the Inspectorate also have the almost unique right of 'Bai Sagornon', or 'No Officials', which means that their agents (so long as they present proof of identity during the arrest) may arrest officials of any rank or precedence, without regard for the rank or precedence of either the arrested or arresting official. These wide ranging powers, however, are curbed by the complete limitation of the Samika's powers to the civil service alone.

The main roles of the Samika include investigating graft, collusion between officials and certain interests which will therefore undermine the Empire, as well as alleged oppression of the peoples of the Empire. As a watchdog agency with powers over all civil servants, and answerable only to the Prime Minister and the Emperor, the Samika was one of the main reasons for the relatively corruption-free period during the reign of the Four Great Emperors and subsequent strong emperors as well.

Quotes and Legal Basis[]

"Bai sagornon, bata trunam sagerimi ra sudremi, der sanati Varatan ne-i-Taitere ne-i-Lein, kisabanoi botarun su-sagor ne-i-Sabo Mikaraimi, masema kureit nanasekri madan ase gralonen botarimi."

‘No officials, regardless of rank or precedence, who serve the Imperial Government of the Lein Dynasty, may resist arrest from an official of the Imperial Inspectorate, so long as proper identification and a warrant for arrest is provided.’