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Leubantia is a country in Eastern Europe. It has land borders with Poland and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast.


Leubantia has 12 provinces: Heurtliba, Juniper, Dalborag, Dyluria, Klafieka, Skaborg, Falcbek, Trilfuva, Alpypa, Salmonlund, Turpośna, and Wunbysa. All of these provinces have great recreation sites. Trilfuva is the most populated, while Juniper is the least.

Major Cities[]

  • Trilfuva: The capital city, Trilfuva is also the largest city by population. There are many recreation sites in Trilfuva, such as the Museum of Leubantia and the National Theatre of Leubantia.
  • Isatfa: Leubantia's second city and the capital of the rebel province of Dyluria. There are still good things to do, such as visiting the Liberty Statue.




Leubantia lies in the Baltic Sea, north of Poland. It has a rugged coast, and looks like a Cat's head.


Time Zones[]

Leubantia uses Central European Time (UTC+1). It is an observer of Daylight Saving Time, and the Summer time zone is Central European Summer Time (UTC+2).


Get In[]

By boat[]

Cruise liners and Ferries usually have a service to Leubantia. The ferry operators to Leubantia are Sibarmiw-based Dirkun Ferries, Superfast, and P&O. Dirkun's busiest operations are from Sibarmiw and Alpypa, and has 75 destinations, including St. Petersburg (Russia), Hamburg (Germany), and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (United Kingdom).

By plane[]

Leubantia's flag carrier is Leubantian Airways, which serves about 186 destinations worldwide. Amongst those destinations are several domestic destinations. Leubantian Airways has its main hub at Trilfuva St. Fila's Airport, Leubantia's biggest and busiest airport. Leubantian Airways is actually headquartered in the control tower of St. Fila's Airport.

Get Around[]

By Car[]

You may use your car if you have arrived by ferry, but if you have arrived by airplane, you have to hire a car. Leubantia's only car rental company is the state-owned Leubantia Car Rentals. Leubantia's only car company is Tylfa, but Ford Motor Company has a large presence as does BMW.