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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Levitation does exactly what its namesake would imply.

After Altair and Qura re-unite, he teaches her how to use the air to levitate an object. Gradually, as she learns the nuances of the spell, Qura is able to use this spell to raise, lower, and move objects throughout the air, launch them at foes, snatch items held by targets, and even levitate herself and others. It becomes one of Qura's most useful spells, as the air is everywhere and thus easily accessible. When she falls off a carpet not far above the ground, she levitates herself to slow her descent. When attacked by rogue magi, she uses the wind to spirit her to safety while simultaneously blowing stones at them.

This spell also acts as a foil to the water walking skill Qura learns back at the Academy, which becomes all-too-clear is far inferior to Levitate, which can, if used correctly, also allow her to walk on water.