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Nickname(s): Ðe Hupstadt/The Capital City (Norpradian Dialect/English)
Capital Lithoriburg
 - Type Government of Liðoribourgh
 - Mayor Alfred Bodmer
 - Total 181,23 km2 (69.97 sq mi)
Area rank 7th
Highest elevation 242 m (794 ft)
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2017) 1.893.441
Population rank 3rd
 - Demonym Liðoribourghian/Lithoriburgian
Time zone Lithoriburg Time ([[Wikipedia:UTC|UTC+1]])
ISO 3166 code NR-LI

Liðoribourgh (Lithoriburg in English), officially Stadt und Grafsche Liðoribourghen (City and County of Lithoriburg) is a region and city in the eastern part of Norpradia. It is the third most populous region and the smallest by area. Lithoriburg is bordered by Nordia to the east, west and south, and the North Sea to the north. Lithoriburg is the only city inside the region, but the city has more subdivisions, called distriks (districts). The city has the highest life expectancy in Norpradia. The population growth is 0,92%, the highest in the entire country. The city had an estimated population of 1.909.810 in 2019, or 1.893.441 according to the 2017 census, being the largest city in the country.

Lithoriburg is the most diverse region in terms of culture, religion and ethnic groups, with many migrants and immigrants from around the world, but especially Syria, due to the civil war happening there.

The region is the richest and most prosperous of all seven region within Norpradia. It has a GDP per capita of 52.994, the highest in the country, and a HDI of 0,963, again, the highest in the country.

The region is influenced by English Culture. Before the unification of Norpradia, hundreds of small kingdoms ruled the region, but the most influential of them was the Kingdom of Lithoriburg, which had Lithoriburg as its capital.

Quality of Life

According to the 2017 census, the life expectancy of the region was at 83,2 years, the highest in the country. The gini was of 31,7. The unemployment was at around 6%.

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