Liberal Democratic Party
Founder Masato Kawaguchi
Chairman Saburo Nakamoto
Founded July 6th, 1960
Headquarters Kobara, Akitsu
Ideology Social liberalism
Official colors Light blue
Seats in the State Committee
98 / 180

The Liberal Democratic Party (Japanese: 自由民主党 jiyuu minshu-to, commonly referred to as 自民党, jimin-to) is currently the largest political party in Akitsu and is the ruling party of Akitsu.


Founded in 1960, the party was the first political party in Akitsu to advocate for Akitsu to come out of it's self-imposed isolation. When it was founded in 1960, the party didn't get much votes. They fared well in elections, but never got many people elected into office. This changed in the 1990 general election. In the 1990 general election, Akitian media for the first time seriously focused on the platform the Liberal Democratic Party ran. At first, most political commentators didn't expect the Liberal Democratic Party to win much more votes than they already had, believing their anti-isolationist platform to be at odds with the average Akitian political views. However, when the Liberal Democratic Party made some surprising gains in elections, the party started to be seen as a serious contender in Akitian politics. This trend of gains was continued in the 1995 general election, when the Liberal Democratic Party doubled the amount of seats they held, changing the political landscape of Akitsu by allowing no single party to have a majority. This trend again continued in 2000, when the party eclipsed the Democratic Party as the main opposition party in Akitsu. In the 2010 general election, the party for the first time gained a majority in the State Committee. In 2010, Toru Fujiwara was elected Prime Minister of Akitsu, becoming the first candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party to be elected Prime Minister of Akitsu.

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