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The Liberal Party (also known as Liberal & Democratic Party, or the Liberal Democrats), is a Bancairn political party created by Stephen Garison in 1852. For a long time, the Liberals were the centre of Bancairn politics, and acted as a hinge between the Conservatives and the Socialist parties. Presently, the Liberal Democrats are the second largest group in Parliament, with 50/200 seats in the House, and 24/100 in the Chamber. Their current president is Morris Gander.

Before 1852[]

Stephen Garison, a banker from St. Johns, Howardshire, felt that the potential of the Bancairn economy was being slowed down by the Government's control over it. A follower of Adam Smith, he quickly began to promote economic liberalism and attracted many independents to his cause. In 1851, many independents ran for office in Parliament, and Garison offered to unite them under the banner of a new, innovative party.


The Liberal & Democratic Party of Bancairn was founded on July 10, 1852. It adopted liberalism as its chief doctrine, and placed itself as a defendant of democracy (in opposition to the republican trend of the time), as well as federalism.

The 1855 General Elections[]

In the 1855 General Elections, the Liberal & Democratic Party won 32 seats in the Chamber, giving it control over the latter. In the House, the party won 34 seats, carrying Howardshire. They gained votes mainly from the Conservative electorate. In Government, the party won the Ministry of Justice and their candidate William Garnier became State Secretary to Prime Minister Mark Steeson. During their first term as a party, the Liberal Democrats campaigned in favour of personal liberty, and advocated the creation of many new enterprises on Bancairn soil. Until 1891, the Liberal & Democratic Party stayed a parliamentary party, leaving government business to Conservatives and Labourites.

The 1891 General Elections[]

In 1891, the Liberal Democrats presented their chairman Roy Atonstadt as candidate for Prime Minister. He won with a surprisingly high majority of 71% of the popular vote, and was re-elected in 1896.

List of Chairmen of the Liberal Democrats[]

Stephen Garison (1832-1903) 1852-1863

William Garnier (1798-1864) 1863-1864

Henry Dove (1803-1891) 1864-1871

Charlie Bennett (1813-1879) 1871-1879

John G. Ross (1818-1887) 1879-1882

Bill Cartall (1836-1901) 1882-1890

Roy Atonstadt (1850-1921) 1890-1900

Jeffery Romskind (1847-1912) 1900-1912

Glenn S. Smith (1852-1924 1912-1918

Paul Marks (1866-1941) 1918-1939

Kevin Archard (1894-1979) 1939-1949

Ernest R. Driscoll (1903-2002) 1949-1956

Jackie Jameson (1914-2003) 1956-1962

Leonard Easton (1925-Pr) 1962-1969

Tony Sunter (1923-2002) 1969-1974

Lawrence Fewty (1910-1989) 1974-1978

Dean Evesdon (1925-Pr) 1978-1983

Robert Hume (1937-Pr) 1983-1989

Erwin Forest (1943-Pr) 1989-1992

John Willard (1941-2005) 1992-1994

Andrew Maynee (1946-Pr) 1994-2000

Morris Gander (1948-Pr) 2000-2008