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The Saydneyan Liberal party was founded in 1966 in response to increased censorship and government regulation.

Although on the surface is may seem like the SDC and Liberals have a lot in common the central ideology of the liberals often mean the two parties are at each others throats.

The Liberal party would be classified as Classical Liberal. That is they believe strongly in both social freedom and the free market economics. The Liberals feel that people are capable of making there own fortunes with out need of government interference and feel that government can and usual will inevitable trample individuality if allowed to.

The Liberals have never held government but in the last election won eight seats in the High Council and 86 Congressional seats making sure that their point of view is listened to in both houses.

The Current leader of the Liberal party is Councilor Nancy Operman. Councilor Operman is from the state of Susses and was first elected in 1998.