Liberism is a political and societal philosophy based on the concepts of democracy, self-reliability, anti-clericalism, anti-religion, and generally embracing irreligion as a whole. Liberism itself supports equal rights for every human under the law, the concept that every citizen receives the same punishment for the same crime, free markets, free press, and self-reliability.


Liberism as a concept arose during the 3rd century CE, but was reinterpreted and reinvented by Quentin Salvadore in the 4th century CE, into what is now known as Core Liberism. Liberism's foundation can be traced back all the way to Libertas founding. Liberism was originally reinvented by Quentin Salvadore, although the originally creator is unknown. It is likely however, that Liberism did not infact have a creator, but that it was rather formed as a societal philosophy through Libertan society, and shaped by the Trinitarian Government System of Liberta.

Ideological Concepts


Liberta was founded by Ace Aquarius as a place where human development, science, and knowledge could thrive. This was originally what set Liberism's current stance against religion. Quentin Salvadore, the potissimus most well-known for reinventing Liberism described Religion in one of his early works, Our beloved freedom as;
Religion is what claims to protest the evil in this world while in reality, as the common intellectual man might see, is the evil itself. Mankind does not know much of this world, for it is a mystery to us. Instead of enforcing ourselves to answer these questions, religion fills the common man with lies and tales. I can already feel the hurt religion has brought upon the scientific method, it is with utter disgrace I watch this evil consume the men into slaves, reaching for the unreachable.
Chapter 4, Our Beloved Freedom, Quentin Salvadore.

Liberism takes a generally negative stance against religion as it contradicts one of the founding concepts of Liberism, Scientism. This has influenced Libertan society in many ways, both positive and negative. As a direct result of Liberism's presence in Libertan society, scientific research flourished in Liberta. This made Liberta the most historically advanced society of any. Liberta became the center for scientists all over the world and an international hub for academic advancements. However, as time progressed, Liberism also led many Libertans to drive out and chase religious immigrants seeking opportunity, as many of these immigrants had their own faith, something seen as taboo in Liberta. These hunts later became known as Euthycus Hunts.