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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

A spell that can only be used by those in the government and most rogue magi, Lightning is a devastating spell.


It may be cast without one's realizing it. In Chronicle, Qura accidentally casts a bolt of lightning at one whom she particularly hated at that moment. [1]

Generally a posture of extending one's palm toward the target in a gesture of repulsion/resistance activates the spell, and since it is a rather intuitive move, it is often cast near-instantly.

The lightning takes the form of a zigzag streak of discharged energy flowing from the caster's outstretched hand through the air and at the target, whereupon it shocks the target, with a combination of effects which may include any of the following:

  • Pain (highly likely)
  • Spasming (highly likely)
  • Stun (highly likely)
  • Knocking out / comatose (highly likely)
  • 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burns (highly likely)
  • Mental / psychological trauma
  • Paralysis
  • Stopping the heart
  • Instant death (uncommon)

Victims of such an attack often have long-lasting marks across their body that even resemble a bolt of lightning, with its main branches and many smaller tendrils. Such marks are generally seen as blackened or reddened areas of skin.

The chance to survive a lightning attack is roughly 90%.

Lightning Bolt[]

A variation, that calls lightning directly out of the sky to strike vertically at a target. It can be done regardless of the weather.

A discharge from the heavens is perhaps a magnitude more powerful than a from-the-hand lightning blast. Of the effects listed above, all are much more likely to occur to victims of a lightning bolt. Whatever it hits often melts or explodes. Although a lightning bolt is less accurate than simple lightning, if it succeeds in hitting a target it most often kills.

Chain Lightning[]

Another variation of lightning causes it to leap from target to target, quickly taking down whole crowds. Which targets are hit can be entirely controlled by the spellcaster; ie. the chain lightning can leap between the farthest targets and even bend out of the way of an ally. The spell can be devised so as to hit an infinite number of targets in one cast.

Ball Lightning[]

Yet another variation, this sends out a sphere (the ball) of what looks like unmoving lightning (with electric tendrils surging across the surface). It can be flung at a target, and even be carried un-detonated on insulators. It explodes with great electric power when it hits anything more conductive than air. Since they must be first formed and then flung, they are a lot slower at hitting a target. The main benefit to using it is that one can preserve it for use at another time, such as attempting to attack a foe around a corner, without exposing oneself.