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Lincolnshire is a division of the Georgeland House of Commons located in Capitalia. Lincolnshire is a regional electorate encompassing a number of small communities - the largest population centre is Wesley.
Lincolnshire was established an electoral division in 1935. The current MP is the Hon. Robbie Jones.

Members of Parliament[]

  1. Owen Johnson (1935-1941) (Conservative)
  2. Nelson Gilbert (1941-1950) (Conservative)
  3. Quentin Sommers (1950-1956) (Labour)
  4. Eleanor Birde (1956-1970) (Conservative)
  5. Robert Shackleton (1970-1989) (Labour)
  6. Brian Coxley (1989-1997) (Labour)
  7. Robbie Jones (1997-) (Democrat/Liberal Democrat)