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Lintikon suurpiiri
Lintikko super-district
A super-district of Suonenjoki
Super-district number 19
Districts Onkilampi
Area 10.98 km²
Population 0

Lintikko is a super-district of Suonenjoki, being situated between the western and northern parts of municipal central settlement, as well as superdistricts Rajalanniemi (partly rural) and Saunaniemi (rural).

The whole area of the super-district is preserved from residential and industrial development by Decree 4/1982 of the Savonian Bureau of Finnish Government, being issued by the local departments of the Ministries of Environment and Culture. The same decree forbids all development in the district of Keski-Lintharju except paths for pedestrians, as well as all development in the district of Suursuo without exceptions.

Land usage by district[]


The district of Onkilampi is crossed by a road named Onkilammentie, running from Palolampi district to Tapiola. There is a shooting range in the district.


The main road in the district is Juntintie, which terminates at the Suonenjoki Department of Finnish Forest Research Institute (FFRI). The department has cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Pieksämäki, hosting also courses for university students.

The western part of the district is crossed by Lintharju ridge, and holds the eponymous West and East Palolampi lakes. The former has a laavu, lean-to building, while the latter holds a wilderness hut and beach sauna owned by the FFRI.


Etelä-Lintharju is characterised (eponymously) by the southern part of Lintharju ridge, though not including the part south of Finnish Main Road 9 (being a part of Kaatro district). The ridge is wider and less steep at the district, and there are moraine soil mines in the ridge. The depressions left by former mining are wide and deep, and some of them have been altered into outdoor performance sites, hosting a local rock festival (Jörisrock) at July, for example.


This district holds the most prominent part of the ridge. It has no other man-made structures than the path going on the top of the ridge, as well as some intersecting lesser paths coming from other districts.


The path going on the top of the ridge continues in this district, before terminating at its northern end to Saunaniementie Road.

On the southern limit of the district, Metsolantie Road goes between this and the former district, crossing the ridge in a tunnel.


This district is an old wetland. It has been dried somewhat due to drainage works nearby.

There is no other development than the Metsolantie Road running at its eastern border with districts of Keski- and Etelä-Lintharju.