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The following is a list of people who have served as Governor of Scoita. The position was appointed before 1929; prior to independence, Governors were appointed by the Sovereign. The position has been directly elected since 1929.


No. Name Assumed office Left office
1Sir John Kennelly18911897
2Sir George Stuart18971903
3Sir Michael Granbridge19031908
4Richard Shepparton-Hume, Viscount Thorpe19081915
5Commodore Sir Jack Murphy19151920
6Robert S. Pearce 19201925
7Sir George Murphy 19251929
8Michael O'Brien 19291937
9John Grundy 19371941
10Jack Stevenson 19411949
11Andrew Smithfield 19531961
12Frederick Judd 19611969
13Rory Gaffer 19691971
14Howard Schumann 19711979
15Tony Casey 19791983
16Jack Baynes 19831987
17Geoff McGough 19871991
18Patrick Gunning 19912007
19Don Mendez 20072015
20Liam Horwell 20152018
21Antonia Williams 2018Incumbent