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The Kingdom of Doranthia has a long history within the World of Atherille. It was founded by Praetonitor Vergal Nuancias during the ninth century, making Doranthia one of the oldest existing nations on Atherille. Nuancias declared himself king of the new kingdom, supressing the local population during his reign. His successors continued to oppress the natives until the tenth century. This list of the Doranthian kings is chronilogically listed backwards, starting with the current King and working back to the reign of Nuancias.

Current Era[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Olar II CY2364-Present CY2403-Present son of Luther VII
King Luther VII CY2338-2403 CY2372-2403 son of Luther VI
King Luther VI CY2311-2372 CY2350-2372 son of Thorus III
King Thorus III CY2282-2350 CY2319-2350 son of Luther V
King Luther V CY2255-2319 CY2296-2319 brother of Heldan II
King Heldan II CY2252-2296 CY2291-2296 son of Heldan I
King Heldan I CY2226-2291 CY2259-2291 son of Luther IV
King Luther IV CY2201-2259 CY2250-2259 son of Amdrasia
Queen Amdrasia CY2178-2250 CY2213-2250 daughter of Thorus II
King Thorus II CY2152-2213 CY2197-2213 nephew of Cornelius IV
King Cornelius IV CY2122-2197 CY2156-2197 son of Luther III
King Luther III CY2097-2156 CY2118-2156 grandson of Luther II

Age of Homar[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Luther II CY2047-2118 CY2079-2118 son of Thorus I
King Thorus I CY2024-2079 CY2075-2079 uncle of Cornelius III
King Cornelius III CY2047-2075 CY2070-2075 son of Cornelius II
King Cornelius II CY2022-2070 CY2061-2070 son of Cornelius I
King Cornelius I CY1999-2061 CY2017-2061 son of Brigid
Queen Brigid CY1977-2046 CY2010-2017 widow of Homar V
King Homar V CY1973-2010 CY2007-2010 nephew of Wilton
King Wilton CY1950-2007 CY1995-2007 son of Homar IV
King Homar IV CY1923-1995 CY1958-1995 son of Homar III
King Homar III CY1898-1958 CY1947-1958 son of Magdalen
Queen Magdalen CY1874-1947 CY1892-1947 daughter of Homar II
Regency Council ... CY1890-1892 Minority of Magdalen
King Homar II CY1841-1890 CY1873-1890 son of Homar I
King Homar I CY1817-1873 CY1870-1873 first cousin of Francis IX

Franciscan Era[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Francis IX CY1813-1870 CY1851-1870 son of Francis VIII
King Francis VIII CY1788-1851 CY1833-1851 brother of Luther I
King Luther I CY1785-1833 CY1827-1833 son of Patrick
King Patrick CY1757-1827 CY1801-1827 nephew of Francis VII
King Francis VII CY1725-1801 CY1744-1801 son of Francis VI
King Francis VI CY1702-1744 CY1727-1744 son of Francis V
King Francis V CY1676-1727 CY1710-1727 grandson of Fracnis IV
King Francis IV CY1627-1710 CY1653-1710 son of Cardelod
King Cardelod CY1599-1653 CY1649-1653 brother of Grayson
King Grayson CY1592-1649 CY1642-1649 brother of Francis III
King Francis III CY1589-1642 CY1627-1642 son of Francis II
King Francis II CY1566-1627 CY1611-1627 son of Francis I
King Francis I CY1541-1611 CY1553-1611 great-grandson of Jerome IV

Dornalian Renaissance[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Jerome IV CY1469-1553 CY1512-1553 son of Jerome III
King Jerome III CY1445-1512 CY1482-1512 son of Jerome II
King Jerome II CY1419-1482 CY1454-1482 son of Olar I
King Olar I CY1393-1454 CY1453-1454 brother of Jerome I
King Jerome I CY1389-1453 CY1423-1453 son of Markus III
King Markus III CY1365-1423 CY1423 third cousin of Runard

Age of Awakening[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Runard CY1352-1423 CY1370-1423 grandson of Maximus VI
King Maximus VI CY1306-1370 CY1332-1370 son of Maximus V
King Maximus V CY1279-1332 CY1326-1332 brother of Turenna
Queen Turenna CY1277-1326 CY1316-1326 daughter of Lorene
Queen Lorene CY1256-1316 CY1303-1316 sister of Markus II
King Markus II CY1251-1303 CY1271-1303 son of Markus I
King Markus I CY1223-1271 CY1261-1271 brother of Maximus IV

Middle Age[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Maximus IV CY1220-1261 CY1247-1261 son of Maximus III
King Maximus III CY1193-1247 CY1210-1247 son of Maximus II
Regency Council ... CY1201-1210 Minority of Maximus III
King Maximus II CY1168-1201 CY1200-1201 son of Maximus I
King Maximus I CY1142-1200 CY1191-1200 first cousin of Horace VII
King Horace VII CY1144-1191 CY1183-1191 son of Horace VI
King Horace VI CY1121-1183 CY1146-1183 nephew of Engerley
King Engerley CY1093-1146 CY1139-1146 brother of Horace V
King Horace V CY1090-1139 CY1119-1139 son of Horace IV
King Horace IV CY1066-1119 CY1102-1119 son of Horace III
King Horace III CY1035-1102 CY1051-1102 son of Horace II
King Horace II CY1012-1051 CY1029-1051 great-nephew of Horace I
King Horace I CY962-1029 CY984-1029 son of Nurlemon

Early Kingdom[]

Ruler Lifespan Reign Right to Rule
King Nurlemon CY938-984 CY956-984 son of Panaeas
King Panaeas CY913-956 CY934-956 son of Dranius II
King Dranius II CY887-934 CY903-934 son of Dranius I
King Dranius I CY864-903 CY901-903 brother of Armand
King Armand CY861-901 CY898-901 uncle of Martais
King Martais CY881-898 CY895-898 son of Silas
King Silas CY859-895 CY894-895 uncle of Vergal III
King Vergal III CY878-894 CY893-894 son of Vergal II
King Vergal II CY855-893 CY884-893 son of Vergal Nuancias
King Vergal Nuancias CY827-884 CY861-884 founder of Doranthia