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This is a list of the Presidents of Aeroe.

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office
1Niels Christian Fabricius None16 April 197431. january 1975
2Anders Bo Strunge Liberal Party1. February 197531 December 1978
3Karsten Hviis Holmgren Aeroeic Socialdemocrats1. january 197931. December 1982
4Søren Madsen Aeroeic Socialdemocrats1. january 198331. December 1985
5Frederik schalke Radical Left1. january 198631. December 1989
6Jens Peter Mumm Liberal Party1. january 199031 December 1993
7Hans Peter Bornholmer Radical Left1. january 199431. December 1997
8Benedikte Lorentsen Aeroeic Socialdemocrats1. january 199831. December 2001
9Kristian Boelsen Liberal Party1. january 200231 December 2005
10Lars Peter Bonde Liberal Party1. january 200631 December 2009
11HP Kromann Radical Left1. january 201031. December 2013