The following is a list of Presidents of Georgeland. From 1929, the President was elected by a nation-wide vote, using the first-past-the-post system for a four-year term. From 1958, all Presidents have been chosen by Parliament for a four-year term. Following constitutional reforms in 2004, the successor to President Charlotte Lang will be elected using an instant-runoff preferential system in a nation-wide vote for a four year term.

For a list of Heads of State prior to 1929, see the article List of Governors-General of Georgeland.

No. Name Assumed office Left office Party
1Victor Martin 19291941None
2John Grundy 19411945None
3Gen. Arthur Pryde19451949None
4Jeffrey Caxton 19491958None
5A.M. Arthur Brittan19581962None
6Adm. William Addison19621970None
7Lance Lester Rothschild 19701976None
8William T. Barnard 19761984None
9Michael Turnbull 19841992None
10Donald Davis 19921997None
11Thomas Andrews 19971999None
12Susan O'Byrne 19992003None
13Adm. Hank Reynolds20032004None
14Charlotte Lang 20042008None
15Lois Daniels 20082012Georgeland Alliance
16Eileen Purves 2012Incumbent Liberal Democratic