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The Tahllic Church was founded 2413 years ago by the first Bishop of Tahl, St. Othios the Pious. St. Othios is considered to be the first Pope of the Tahllic Church, with each successor considered his spiritual descendent. In the twenty-four centuries of the Church, there have been a few instances of schisms, during which more than one Pope served. During the Godless Movement of the twenty-third century, two Popes voluntarily abdicated the Apostolic Throne and were subsequently excommunicated. This list of Tahllic Popes is chronologically listed backwards, starting with the current Pope and working backwards to the reign of St. Othios.

Twenty-Fifth Century[]

Pope Lifespan Reign Notes
Pope Othios XXII CY2343-Present CY2404-Present

Twenty-Fourth Century[]

Pope Lifespan Reign Notes
Pope Procusian IV CY2332-2404 CY2391-2404
Pope Honorus XIV CY2319-2391 CY2384-2391
Pope Honorus XIII CY2311-2384 CY2369-2384
Pope Clymar VI CY2304-2369 CY2366-2369
Pope Sylvester IX CY2302-2366 CY2359-2366
Pope Honorus XII CY2287-2359 CY2348-2359
Pope Marten XI CY2281-2348 CY2340-2348
Pope Othios XXI CY2265-2340 CY2338-2340
Pope Marten X CY2270-2338 CY2333-2338
Pope Procusian III CY2262-2333 CY2320-2333
Pope Urium II CY2243-2320 CY2314-2320
Pope Honorus XI CY2244-2314 CY2301-2314

Twenty-Third Century[]

Pope Lifespan Reign Notes
Pope Urium I CY2232-2301 CY2295-2301
Pope Sylvester VIII CY2217-2295 CY2274-2295
Pope Hyrulius IV CY2211-2285 CY2269-2274 abdicated CY2274, excommunicated
Pope Sylvester VII CY2202-2269 CY2261-2269
Pope Jerome XIV CY2196-2261 CY2255-2261
Pope Barbarus III CY2193-2277 CY2253-2255 abdicated CY2255, excommunicated
Pope Barbarus II CY2186-2253 CY2245-2253
Pope Hyrulius III CY2170-2245 CY2228-2245
Pope Barbarus I CY2154-2228 CY2225-2228
Pope Sylvester VI CY2161-2225 CY2221-2225
Pope Bryant VI CY2151-2221 CY2210-2221
Pope Sylvester V CY2141-2210 CY2203-2210

Twenty-Second Century[]

Pope Lifespan Reign Notes
Pope Othios XX CY2134-2203 CY2194-2203
Pope Clymar V CY2122-2194 CY2178-2194
Pope Clymar IV CY2107-2178 CY2171-2178
Pope Jerome XIII CY2092-2171 CY2159-2171
Pope Sylvester IV CY2095-2159 CY2156-2159
Pope Martos III CY2097-2161 CY2155-2161 schism-Orton line, executed
Pope Marten IX CY2087-2156 CY2150-2156 official line
Pope Martos II CY2088-2155 CY2147-2155 schism-Orton line
Pope Honorus X CY2079-2150 CY2139-2150 official line
Pope Martos I CY2072-2147 CY2137-2147 schism-Orton line
Pope Sylvester III CY2066-2139 CY2130-2139 official line
Pope Honorus IX CY2059-2130 CY2122-2130
Pope Bryant V CY2045-2122 CY2118-2122
Pope Clymar III CY2034-2118 CY2102-2118

Twenty-First Century[]

Pope Lifespan Reign Notes
Pope Procusian III CY2031-2102 CY2092-2102
Pope Sylvester II CY2031-2092 CY2087-2092
Pope Hyrulius III CY2024-2087 CY2087
Pope Jerome XII CY2025-2087 CY2084-2087
Pope Jerome XI CY2022-2084 CY2083-2084
Pope Othios XIX CY2006-2083 CY2059-2083
Pope Sylvester I CY1986-2059 CY2044-2059
Pope Procusian II CY1982-2044 CY2037-2044
Pope Honorus VIII CY1960-2037 CY2025-2037 last to commune with the gods
Pope Procusian I CY1953-2025 CY2017-2025
Pope Augustus XI CY1952-2017 CY2011-2017

Twentieth Century[]

Pope Lifespan Reign Notes
Pope Marten VIII CY1941-2011 CY1998-2011