The following is a list of cities in Wessex, as of 2013. Cities become cities when they are granted official City Status from the Government, this is known as a 'city charter.' Wessex is known for its small cities, which have been granted so because of historical significance. 


Name Year granted city status Image Population
Bað time immemorial 98,992
Bristol time immemorial 628,599 
Exeter time immemorial Exeter.jpg 117,773
Glawcester 1541 Gloucester.jpg 121,688
Herefor time immemorial 200px 58,896
Oxnafor time immemorial OxfordSkyline.jpg 151,906
Plymúð 1928 PlymouthDevon.jpg 256,384
Portesmúð 1926 Portsmouth1.jpg 205,056
Reading 2004 200px 155,300
Sarum 1227 Salisbury1.jpg 39,896
Súðampton 1926 Southmapton.JPG 336,882
Truru 1877 TruroStreet.jpg 19,382
Wells 1205 Wells-town-square.jpg 10,491
Wincester time immemorial Winchester.JPG 116,595
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