List below includes all largest pan-universe, polygalactic empires and intergovernmental alliances in current era, across known universe, based on space coverage and population. In general, EURAPAC superpowers - and star polities as a whole - are most expansive, while AMERICAN remains smallest. AFRICAN and NON-ALIGNED star powers are the most dense populated, compared to others. By the standard of known universe, however, intergovernmental alliance and superpower are more or less indifference, due to their sizes, populations, and the level of complexity in diversity and political background.

List of largest empires and alliances

RankEmpirePopulation (googol)Space sovereign coverage (star systems)Capital system
- Greater APAC Co-prosperity Sphere Nearly infinity 1/3 entire APAC sovereign
- Pan-EUROPA Ecumene Nearly infinity 1/3 entire EUROPA sovereign
- United AFRICAN Giganquadrantic Alliance Nearly infinity 1/2 entire AFRICA sovereign
- Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign NON-ALIGNED States Nearly infinity 1/2 entire NON-ALIGNED sovereign
- Conference for United AMERICAN States Nearly infinity 1/7 entire AMERICAN sovereign
1 Flag of CSAN - Confederation of Sovereign Asian Nations 996,911 9,973,239 x 109628 Kreetassa
2 YIC flag - Yamato Multisolars Commune 980,638 9,907,802 x 109450 Nanzou
3 European Alliance flag - European Alliance 989,420 9,236,105 x 108463  Crown Cloud
4 Scandinavian flag - Scandinavian Commondality 958,235 9,019,197 x 108003 Aurigae
Danish flag - Danish Core Federation 952,169 9,778,278 x 107768 Refsstaoir
Flag of Middle-Earth - Middle Earth Nation
Flag of Danubia (MultiChronos) - Holy Federation of Danubia 943,383 9,442,881 x 107480 Ichnaea Cloud
MWH flag - Mongol World Hegemony
GIR flag - Greater Indian Republic 938,595 7,311,254 x 109796 Upsilon Capella
Norway flag (MultiChronos) - Norwegian Coalition of Planets
Indochina flag (MultiChronos) - Indochina Commonwealth
German flag (MultiChronos) - United German Confederation
CES flag - Central European Superstate
Arabian flag - Arabian Federation
Britannia Flag - Worlds Imperium of Nova Britannia 761,220 6,008,573 x 107752  Kentaurus Galaxy
Dorssia flag - Dorssia Military Pact Federation
Eastasia flag - East Asian Coalition
Oceania flag - Oceanian Superstate
JIOR flag - Japan and Islands of Oceanian Republic
Turan flag - Gran Turkestan Bloc
Siberia flag (MultiChronos) - Siberian Combine
Flag of Maghreb NR - Maghreb Union
Carpathia flag - Carpathian Star Republic
Equatorial Flag - Equatorial Union
Fasinefu flag - Fasinefu Star League
France flag (MultiChronos) - Royal Technate of France
Flag of Fuso - Fuso Empire
Fengshan flag - Fengshan Federation
Dutch flag (MultiChronos) - Dutch Interstellar Republic
Geneva flag - Geneva Confederation
NMA flag - New Manchurian Alliance
Hindu flag - Hindi People's Assembly
Australasia flag - Confederation of Australasia
POTATO flag NR - Pacific Ocean Territories and American Treaty Organization
NKR flag - New Korean Republic
Central Asian Union flag - Central Asian Union
Intermarium flag - Intermarium Commonwealth 693,227 googol 5,886,672 x 107057 star systems
Khmer flag - Khmer Contingency
Benelux flag - Benelux Galactic Alignment
Kybardas flag - Kybardas Sword Worlds
Fiozapes flag - Fiozapes Defensive System's Bloc
Hai Binh flag - Hai Binh Intergalactic Allied Federation
Albertsstrupa flag - Federal Albertsstrupa Cooperative
Blumbach flag - Blumbach Union State
Persia flag (MultiChronos) - Holy Federation of Persia
Jarkhit flag - Jarkhit Defensive Systems Bloc
Eurasian flag - Eurasianpact
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