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SF-22 Raptor II
SF22 Raptor
Rendering of the Raptor II
Role Superiority Fighter/Space Fighter
National origin Union of Everett
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin/Armor Militant
First flight July 2007
Introduced May 2009
Status Operational
Primary users Union of Everett Air Force
Security Alliance
Union of Everett Navy
Number built 350
350 on order
Unit cost $165 Million
Developed from Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

The SF-22 Raptor II Fusion Stealth Fighter also known as the Superiority Fighter or by its former experimental code name XF-200, is a sixth generation fighter jet, developed by Lockheed Martin in the Union of Everett. It is a near replica of the original United States F-22 Raptor. However, its design features two smaller wings toward the front of the craft for increased maneuverability. The exterior was redesigned with heat resisting panels to allow the craft to exit and enter the atmosphere, giving it the ability to be a limited orbital space fighter. It also features anti-gravity drives to allow for vertical take-off and landing, further additional maneuverability in the air and further ability for flight in space.


The Raptor II is powered by a twin magnetized fusion generator engine, which powers all systems in the craft, allowing for the ability to remain in flight as long as the pilot is capable of remaining in the air before requiring restroom breaks or food. The engines may speed the craft up to a maximum of Mach 5 in the air and a top speed of Mach 100 in space (70,000 miles per hour). The engines also power weapons systems including its dual plasma cannons. The craft is also powered by an anti-gravity drive, which aids in both propulsion during V/STOL activities and in space flight.


The primary weapons on board the Raptor II are the two fuselage plasma laser cannons, which fire toroids of plasma energy at sub-light speed. The highly energized matter causes both thermal damage to targets as well as impact damage. Secondly, the fighter holds a series of missiles, rockets and bombs inside a bay within the craft. It may hold a total of eight missiles which can vary in types from air-to-air, air-to-surface and large scale weapons including General Use Fusion Warheads (GFW) or low grade fusion warheads. As a last resort, the craft contains a .50 caliber bullet-firing cannon on each side of the cockpit.


  • SF-22A: The A is a standard single or dual pilot variant of the fighter.
  • SF-22C: The C model is designed for use on aircraft carriers in the Navy and often contains two crew. C model features increased VTOL ability for quicker take-off and land from a vertical lift or decline, even from a moving carrier.
  • SF-22P: The P model, which designates it as "paranormal", features enhanced space flight and zero-gravity capabilities. It is noted for having increased maneuverability and a speed boost capable of launching the aircraft into Mach 7 while within the atmosphere and Mach 120 within zero-G space (84,000 miles per hour).