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The ballot to decide the leadership of the Long Island branch of the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands was held on October 4, 2006. The ballot was held to replace Thomas Nathan, who had resigned from the leadership. The ballot and the leadership were won by Victoria Englehart, who became the 27th Chief Minister of Long Island and the first woman to hold the office.

Declared candidates[]

  • Victoria Englehart, state Treasurer and the loser in the 2003 race to become Chief Minister. Englehart had been a long-term rival to Nathan and is the odds-on favourite to succeed him.
  • Charles Jones, long-considered to be Nathan's preferred choice, the state's Finance Minister lost his opportunity to lead the state in 2003 when Nathan was selected as a compromise candidate. Jones is further to the economic right than Englehart, and a close ally of Prime Minister Zoe Parker.
  • James Nealer; The Urban Services Minister ran as a member of the small, ex-Georgeland Party faction. He did not achive enough votes to carry him through the first round, though his preferences helped elect Englehart.

Potential candidates[]

Declined to run[]

Patrick Luhowsky, interim Chief Minister preceding Nathan and deputy leader. Luhowsky will relinquish the deputy leader's position and stand again for it at the leadership ballot. He has said he does not wish to run for the leadership "at the present time."


Englehart defeated Jones 10 votes to 8 after preferences - no candidate achieved enough first-preference votes to elect them outright.
Patrick Luhowsky remained as deputy leader.