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The two biggest religious knowledge are the older faith of Gods and the other one is the faith in the ancient Dragons and their creation of the world.

Older Religion[]

The major religion is the faith of ancient ruling Gods. The religion goes, that the Gods once created the entire world together, from living in space. They first created the continents for all the ordinary livings. Afterwards they created the smaller God islands for themselfs to live on and pleasure their rich resources, see List of the Islands. Though, the Gods that thought their life was eternal, they started to die one after one. As the story goes, they were in panic by death. So, the Gods died out. Silence was replaced instead of celebrating and the old Gods became myth. Still to this day the majority people believes in the older religion. The elvish people made up names for the most talked older Gods. For example, Ywon is the creation God, told to have adjust and design the world as it once were.

Ancient Dragons[]

The ancient Dragon faith is the biggest faith on the orc continents and its islands. The faith goes as this :

- The orc blood will rule this world.

- The orc blood must rule this world.

- The orc blood conquer this world.

That's the three slogan used by the orc faith. In their believe, it's said that if not the orc rules the entire world, the ancient Dragons will awaken from their forever sleep and rule the world for themselfs. Orcs fears this, and is one of the biggest reason why all the elder wars broke out. The reason why people believes in the Dragons is because on the highest top of the Dragon Cliffs mountain, this three slogans are risted into the stone. The size of the slogans are the same size as a dragons claw. Stories from BÎ says that the ancient dragon Varmos or Âkbî (orcish) came to the continent of orcs and burned down the capital which were Sâeiro in the land Vojma (Khâ and the east parts of Jakîm) and afterwards said 'You're late for your work. This is a warning'. The reason why the ancient Dragons want the Orcs to reign the entire world has never appeared.