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Lorraine Hainaut
Lorraine Hainaut

51st Prime Minister of Heigard
In office
January 19, 2005 – January 19, 2009
Assumed office 
January 20, 2009
Vice PM(s)   Walther Duvalier
Preceded by Henri Castell-Kach
Succeeded by Ulrich Meukervan

Senator for Wador-Anhalt
Assumed office
January 25, 2006
Preceded by Johann Bidlech
Succeeded by Charles Peich

Born December 30, 1955
Political party NLF
Spouse Lt. Reginald Hainaut(m. 1987)
Children Bernardette Hainaut Gaulle
Karl Hainaut Gaulle
Ludwig Hainaut Gaulle
Profession Middle Education Professor; Architect
Religion Roman Catholic
Languages spoken French, German, English
Signature Lorraine-Hainaut's-Signature

Preceded by
Henri Castell-Kach
51st Prime Minister of Heigard
January 20, 2005 – January 20, 2009
Succeeded by
Ulrich Meukervan