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Reoul Eframza Aesiri
2nd Director of Herabis
In office
10 Latcharion 731 – 19 Katcharion 759
Preceded by Reoul Aesiri
Personal details
Born9 Fenrarion 695
Norde Temar, Selea Republic
Died25 Latcharion 776 (Age 81)
Entophaal, Pandora
Political partyModerate
ReligionSelean Polytheism

Luce is the 3rd generation head of House Almarche and second director of Herabis.


Early Life[]

Luce was born to Luka and Kail Wesh, making him a Divinity-Lycan hybrid. His father died during the Third Unification War, and his mother was killed in 701. He was placed in the care of Giovino Hosten. After bitter custody battles between Hosten and Taberon Falkland that lasted five years, he was turned over to Taberon. He grew up in Haven Bastion.

Purist Revolt of 731[]

Luce was taken captive during the Purist Revolt of 731. He fought the Purists in the castle.

Director of Herabis[]

Reoul turned over control of Herabis to Luce in 731. Luce helped improve recruitment rates in the organization and the organization's image in normal Selean society. He retired in 759, turning control over to Seive Kaiv, the grandfather of Inoto Kaiv

Major Events[]

733 - Ketcha Frei Uprising 742 - Little Selea Riot

Representative of Selea[]

Despite not an official member of Herabis, Luce is appointed ambassador to Pandora in 760. He served until 765.

Retirement and Death[]

Luce and Kaeto retired to the city of Entophaal in Pandora. Kaeto died in Aperion 776, and Luce died on 25 Latcharion 776.