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The Hon. Luke Backen (b. May 6, 1965) is the Chief Minister of West Mainland. He was elected on July 16, 2004 and sworn in later that month. He is the first Conservative Chief Minister of his state, and the first Conservative Chief Minister on Mainland since the defeat of Leyton Douglas in 1998.

Luke Backen
Position 3rd Chief Minister of West Mainland
Term in office July 26, 2004-
Preceded by Gary Pateman
Succeeded by Incumbent
Political party Conservative
Total time in office Incumbent
Born 6th May, 1965
Partner Melinda Leong (since 2000)

Backen is the youngest current Chief Minister and a leading moderate voice within his party. Backen supports gay marriage and the legalisation of marijuana, as well as heroin injection rooms. His support for these left-wing causes is offset by his fiscal conservatism, pro-business stance and opposition to the ban on nuclear reactors.
Backen's approval rating was 70% in January 2006, though it is more than two years until he must face a state election. He was polling well ahead of the state opposition leader, Leah Brown, as Preferred Chief Minister, scoring 52% to Brown's 44%.

Backen Ministry (2004-)[]

  • Chief Minister, Minister for Federal Relations and Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism: Luke Backen
  • Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Health and Human Services: Robert W. Richmond (Con, b. 1954, in office 2004)
  • Attorney General: Tony Hobson (Con.)
  • Minister for Industry, Business & Consumer Affairs Bill Wickes (Con.)
  • Minister for Finance: Alan Wiston (Con.)
  • Treasurer: Jon Margoyles (Con.)
  • Minister for Urban Services, Housing & Works,
  • Minister for Emergency Services, Police and Disaster Management: Lisa Hughes (Con.)

Hughes replaced Kelly Anderton 11th May 2007

  • Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Trust: Barbara Linton (Con.)
  • Minister for Transport: Vince Staley (Con.)
  • Minister for Industrial Relations: Mary Hirsch (Con.)
  • Minister for Education & Youth Affairs: Byron Sheppard (Con.)
  • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources: Lucy Fitzpatrick (Con.)
  • Special Minister of State: Max Terry (Con.)

Preceded by
Ed Jones
Leader of the West Mainland Opposition
March 6, 2003 - July 26, 2004
Succeeded by
Leah Brown
Preceded by
Gary Pateman
Chief Minister of West Mainland
July 26, 2004 -
Succeeded by