The Luranians are a powerful species native to the Low East Sector of the Dendrius galaxy. They are one of the three species that form the Power Triangle. The Luranians are considered to be great scientists, and were the creators of the first Hyperspace technology, the theory of which was stolen by their rivals, the Paralians and the Noralians.


The earliest Luranians were nomads, travelling from place to place and harvesting whatever they could find. After thousands of years following this pattern of life, they eventually began to group together to form bigger tribes and eventually small nations.

The natural Luranian instinct is to develop, and so they pushed on, even though they were slow doing this owing to the huge variety of wild animals on their planet to contend with. Their first significant achievement was the construction of the first defensive fortresses. This idea soon spread quickly across the world, and the Luranians became experts at building stronger and more effective castles and palaces.

In their medieval age, they would often use a number of weapons, anything from catapults to basic spears. They quickly learnt the strategies of their enemies and would encorporate them into their own techniques, benefitting their own lifestyles a great deal.

By this point, they began to progress more rapidly, constructing a number of scientific advances as the world began to become more unified. Around the time of their first mission into space, they went under a series of continental unifications, eventually becoming one global society.

Within just fifty years of their first space mission, they met up with the Noralians, and the Paralians shortly after. They instantly took against each other and, because they were so similiar in power and technology, they began challenging each other for control. War came not far after, and soon the three powerful cultures became locked in an intense struggle for control over the Sector.


The Luranians, like the Noralians and the Paralians, possess basic Hyperspace technology as well as reasonable shielding. They do not, however, possess CNT's in any form other than standard nuclear technology.

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